Creating a better financial future for you.
Creating a better financial future for you.

Where are you in your investment journey?

As an investor you will be at different stages in your financial journey. You may be considering buying your first investment property or you may have recently sold your business and looking forward to the next chapter in your life. 

Your investment journey

No matter where you are currently at, the team at VBA can help you successfully navigate your investment journey.

Protect my wealth

You have been successful in business and smart with your money. You have worked hard to create a nest egg and you feel a sense of achievement and accomplishment.

Now is not the time to become complacent. You need to protect what you have created from unexpected life events as well as grow your wealth to sustain the lifestyle you have imagined for you and your family.

We help protect your wealth from unplanned financial and life events such as divorce, death or poor financial advice by:

  • Establishing the right investment structures;
  • Advising on the financial protection and tax benefits of establishing a family trust;
  • Providing advice regarding the tax benefits of establishing a self-managed superannuation fund; and
  • Retirement planning strategies that minimise the amount of tax you pay on your investment and retirement earnings

We understand your family is what matters most to you and you want to look after them. In today’s world that includes blended families and complex investment structures a simple Will is no longer sufficient. There are many aspects to consider, which require specialist advice to ensure your money ends up in the right hands and used for the purpose you imagined it would be. Should you require this advice, we can coordinate a meeting with one of our estate planning specialists.

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Manage my investment & tax compliance

Paperwork. Compliance. Tax. It’s the boring stuff that you hate doing and just when you think you have it covered, the government changes the rules. Fortunately for you we love it and it’s what we are good at.

We make things simple for you by managing your financial and compliance obligations. We help you by: 

  • Taking care of the bookkeeping & administration for your self-managed superannuation fund; 
  • Keeping up to date with investment and taxation laws to ensure you comply; 
  • Preparing and lodging your annual financial reports and tax returns; and 
  • Managing all communication with the ATO so you don’t have to. 

We offer tailored packages for businesses of all sizes and needs.

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Reduce my tax

Tax. It’s a necessary evil. No one likes to pay it but if we must then let’s not pay anymore than our fair share. Let’s minimise the tax we pay on our investment earnings and maximise the amount we have to fund our lifestyle.

We help you minimise the amount of tax you pay on your investment earnings by: 

  • Reviewing and establishing the right investment structures; 
  • Providing annual tax planning advice to minimise tax on capital gains and investment income; 
  • Providing superannuation tax advice including the benefits of a self-managed superannuation fund; 
  • Implementing tax strategies that minimise the tax you pay on your retirement earnings.

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Manage my super

For investors who want more control over how their superannuation is invested and the flexibility to choose what assets to invest in, a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) can be a good choice. In addition to having greater control over your investments, investing through a SMSF will provide you with lower tax rates than traditionally paid by investing outside of superannuation. Your fund can also be used to provide a tax-free income in the retirement phase of your life.

However, an SMSF is highly regulated and there are a large number of investment and tax rules you need to be aware of to ensure you comply with the law. If you are considering an SMSF it is important to seek the right advice to ensure it will suit your needs and provide you with the benefits you are looking for.

We help you manage your superannuation by: 

  • Providing you with advice regarding the benefits and costs of setting up and operating an SMSF; 
  • Providing you with tax advice to minimise the amount of tax you pay; 
  • Preparation and administration of the compliance requirements; 
  • Preparation of annual financial reports, tax returns and regulatory documents.  

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