Passionate about providing accounting, tax and business advice.
Passionate about providing accounting, tax and business advice.

Who we are

VBA is a firm of Chartered Accountants & Business Advisors located in Cairns, Queensland. Adam and the team at VBA create a better financial future for business owners and investors by:

  • Providing the right advice to successfully start your business;
  • Managing your bookkeeping, tax compliance and financial obligations; 
  • Providing commercial advice to improve and grow your business;
  • Preparing your business for sale;
  • Maximising and protecting your wealth; and
  • Managing your superannuation. 

Our team

The VBA team are passionate about providing accounting, tax and business advice. Their small, personalised team works closely with their clients and are renowned for delivering quality advice and excellent service. Contact VBA for a professional and personalised plan to achieve a better financial future.

Client stories

Nicolas Devic, C’est Bon

When we first started C'est Bon we didn't have much experience in running a business and needed a proactive accountant who could help us grow our business. Our business has doubled in size since we first started it and we could not have achieved that without the financial advice and support from the VBA team.

Lisa Peters, Reds Hair & Co

VBA helped Lisa with the business purchase and setting up the key financial aspects for the business, helping her transition from employee to business owner.

Adam Wilson, Active Health Club

We have operated a number of gyms in Cairns and surrounding suburbs for the past 15 years. Our industry is highly competitive and constantly evolving so it's important that we have a strong relationship with our accountant. Adam and the team at VBA manage our bookkeeping and tax compliance to ensure we're up to date and in control of our business. They also provide us with sound business advice to help our business grow and succeed. We have a great relationship and would not hesitate to recommend them to others.