Active Health Clubs

Adam Wilson

Active Health Clubs is a full-service gym located at Piccones Village, Edge Hill. Adam Wilson started the business over 20 years ago and has been motivating, inspiring and sweating along-side his loyal members ever since. He clearly loves what he does and when he is not on the front desk greeting members, you will find him leading one of the many group fitness classes. 

According to the latest IBIS World report, the Gyms and Fitness Centers Industry has grown strongly over the past 5 years while undergoing considerable structural change. The emergence of budget gym franchises and premium functional fitness gyms has resulted in most of the industry’s growth, which has meant that traditional gyms have had to adapt to keep pace with changing customer demands and fitness trends.

Unlike many 24-hour gyms that only offer weight rooms and cardio machines, Active Health Clubs has continued to invest in group fitness classes, led by real people who motivate, inspire and create a real sense of community among members, which keeps them coming back for more. 

VBA has helped Active Health Clubs navigate the highs and lows of business. During the economic downturn we helped them reduce their operating costs, consolidating their businesses and re-engineering them for sustained profitability. Moving to a 24-hour gym reduced their reliance on support staff and these cost savings were re-invested into new equipment and group fitness classes.

Having helped Active Health Clubs create a sustainable business model, we continue to assist them with their bookkeeping and tax compliance needs. We make things simple by managing their financial and compliance obligations, which allows Adam and the team to focus on what matters most - improving their members’ experience and helping them achieve their fitness goals. 

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So if you feel like you need to get your fitness back on and want to join a gym that doesn’t require you to be a body builder or Instagram model, reach out to Adam and the team at Active Health Clubs. 

We wish Adam and the team all the very best and look forward to being part of their continued growth and success.